1976: 22-year-old hairdresser and singer, Kevin Rowland places an advert for musicians in the Birmingham Evening Mail . Guitarist Mark Phillips replies to the advert and together with his girlfriend Gil Weston (who he teaches to play bass) they become 'Art-Rock' band, Lucy & The Lovers.

1977: Inspired by the success of acts such as The Sex Pistols and The Clash, Kevin Rowland adopts a punkier sound and image for the band (which  now includes drummer, Lee Burton and backing vocalist, Heather Tonge) renaming them The Killjoys.
First studio session recorded in Cambridge: (tracks: Johnny Won't Go To Heaven; Naive; At Night; Recognition).
July 15: Single, "Johnny Won't Go To Heaven"/"Naive" released. It does not chart, but gains critical acclaim.

Burton leaves the band, while guitarist Keith Rimell and drummer Bob Peach are recruited.

October 18: Radio One session recorded for John Peel (tracks: Naive; Back To Front; At Night; Recognition) 

1978 February 13: Radio One session recorded for John Peel (tracks: Ghislaine; Spit On Me; Smoke Your Own; All The Way)
Kevin Rowland  sees guitarist Kevin Archer performing in local band, The Negatives with Pete Williams and invites Archer to join The Killjoys.

June: Phillips, Weston and Peach leave The Killjoys and form new band Out Of Nowhere, featuring Michael Billingham on keyboards. The Killjoys split shortly afterwards.

July:   Dexys Midnight Runners formed by Kevin Rowland and Kevin Archer who place adverts for musicians in the Birmingham Evening Mail . Bassist Pete Williams, organ-player Pete Saunders and drummer John Jay are amongst the first recruits. Following a lengthy audition process, they are eventually joined by sax players Geoff Blythe and Steve Spooner along with trumpeter Geoff Kent.

October: Jimmy Paterson travels from the north of Scotland to Birmingham to audition as the group's trombone player. The group spend the next few months rehearsing solidly. 

November 29: @ Dudley, Jodari's (Debut gig) They are supported by local band, Dangerous Girls.  

December: @ Dudley, Hen & Chickens  

Dexys record their first demo tapes with recordings of "Tell Me When My Light Turns Green", "Don't Come Any Closer" (a.k.a ."I'm Just Looking") and the never-released "It's Up To You".

1979: Dexys start performing regularly at small venues in and around Birmingham. 

May: Billy Adams meets Kevin Rowland at an early Dexys gig...

May 18: @ Birmingham, Imperial Hotel

July 5:  @ Liverpool, Eric's (Dexys are supported by The Upset.)
July 21:  @ Camden, Electric Ballroom (sharing the bill with The Specials, Madness and The Selector)
July 28:  @ Liverpool, Eric's (Dexys share the bill with The Merton Parkas featuring young keyboard player, Mick Talbot)
Bernie Rhodes becomes the  group's manager offering them a distribution deal with his own Oddball Records. Bobby "Junior" Ward - drummer with Subway Sect (also managed by Rhodes) replaces John Jay.

August 8: @ Birmingham, Romulus (+ support act - Joy Division)

September ??: "Dance Stance/I'm Just Looking" recorded

November: Dexys are invited to join The Specials and The Selector on a 'Two Tone Tour', replacing Madness who have left after signing to Stiff Records:

November 15: @ Carlisle, Market Hall

November 16: @ Leeds, University

November 17: @ Loughborough, University

November 18: @ Bristol, Locarno

November 21: @ Liverpool, Mountford Hall

November 22: @ Dublin, Olympic Ballroom

November 23: @ Belfast, University

November 25: @ London, Lyceum

November 26: @ Hemel Hempstead, Pavilion

November 28: @ Cleethorpes, Winter Gardens

November 29: @ Coventry, Tiffanys

Debut single, "Dance Stance" released.

December: Andy Leek and Andy Growcott (a.k.a. 'Stoker') join Dexys replacing Pete Saunders and Bobby Jnr. 

December 21: @ Dudley, JB's

December 27: @ Camden, Electric Ballroom

1980 January 6: @ London, Marquee

January 10: Dexys record a set of 'live demos' at Manchester Square studios. The songs recorded include "Thankfully Not Living In Yorkshire It Doesn't Apply", "Hold On! I'm Comin' ", "Breaking Down The Walls OF Heartache", "The Horse", "I Couldn't Help If I Tried", "It's Up To You" and "Definitely Down On The Farm".

January ??: Radio 1 Session recorded for Kid Jensen (Tracks: "Geno", "Respect", "Dance Stance" and "The Teams That Meet In Caffs"

Dexys embark on 38-date "Straight To The Heart" tour:

January 19: @ Aylesbury, Friars. "Dance Stance" enters British chart.

January 25: @ Camden, Music Machine

January 28: @ Edinburgh, Tiffany's

January 29: @ Perth, City Hall

January 30: @ Glasgow, Technical College

January 31: @ Aberdeen, Fusion 

February 1: @ St. Andrews, University (Craig and Charlie Reid attend this gig and are  inspired to form their own group, The Proclaimers)

February 3: @ Dundee, University

February 4:@ Aberystwyth, University

February 5:@ Shrewsbury, Music Hall

February 6: @ Wolverhampton, Polytechnic

February 7: @ Canterbury, University of Kent

February 8: @ Stafford, North Staffordshire Polytechnic

February 9: @ Huddersfield, Polytechnic. "Dance Stance" peaks at Number 40 in British Chart. (Dexys make their debut appearance on "Top of the Pops")

February 10: @ Norwich, University of East Anglia

February 11: @ Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Tyffany's

February 12: @ Nuneaton, 77 Club

February 13: @ Sheffield, Polytechnic

February 14: @ Coventry, Warwick University

February 15: @ Kidderminster, Town Hall

February 16: @ Middlesborough, Rock Garden

February 18: @ Swansea, Circles

February 19: @ Cardiff, Top Rank

February 20: @ Bristol, Romeo & Juliet's

February 21: @ Penzance, Demelzas

February 22: @ Bath, University

February 23: @ Manchester, Polytechnic

February 25: @ Oldham, Queen Elizabeth Hall

February 26: @ Leicester, University. Radio 1 Session recorded for John Peel(Tracks: "Geno", "Breakin' Down The Walls of Heartache", "Tell Me When My Light Turns Green" and "The Horse")

March 1: @ Camden, Electric Ballroom

March 2: @ Bournemouth, Stateside Centre

March 4: @ Hull, University

March 6: @ Coleraine, New University of Ulster

March 7: @ Belfast, Queen's University

March 8: @ Dublin, Bellefield University

March 13: John Peel Radio Session is transmitted.

March 22: "Geno" enters British chart.

Pete Saunders returns to Dexys.

April: "Searching For The Young Soul Rebels" recorded.

May 3: 
"Geno" reaches Number 1 in British chart. Dexys make an appearance on Saturday morning kids' show "Tiswas", with Sally James famously asking where the name "Dexys Midnight Runners" came from!

May 10: Record Mirror announces that Andy Leek has left Dexys.

May 17: Dexys reply that Leek had actually left at the end of March but waited until Geno was topping the charts before announcing his departure.  (He coincidentally had a single 'out in few weeks'.)

Dexys  begin their mammoth "Intense Emotion Review" tour:

June 10: @ Portsmouth, Locarno

June 11: @ Canterbury, Odeon

June 12 : @ Pier Pavillion, Hastings

June 13: @ Brighton, Top Rank

June 14: @ Dunstable, Queensway

June 15: @ Sheffield, Top Rank

June 16: @ Doncaster, Rotters

June 17: @ Coventry, Tiffanys

June 18: @ Norwich, University of East Anglia

June 20: @ Penzance, Demelzas (32 years later Pete Williams will recall this as the best gig he ever performed at!)

June 21: @ Exeter, University

June 22: @ Bristol, Locarno

June 23: @ Swindon, Brunel Rooms

June 24: @ Reading, University

June 25: @ Loughborough, University

June 26: @ Newcastle, Mayfair

June 27: @ Ayr, Pavilion

June 29: @ Glasgow, Tiffanys

June 30: @ Edinburgh, Tiffanys


July: Several planned tour dates, including Wigan Casino and Guildford Civic are replaced with dates at venues better-suited to Dexys' shows.

July 4: @ Stoke, King's Hall

July 5: @ Bradford, King George's Hall

July 7: @ Merthyr Tydfil, Tythe Ballroom

July 8: @ Swansea, Top Rank

July 9: @ Derby, Assembly Rooms

July 10: @ Cleethorpes, Winter Gardens

July 11: @ Manchester, New Century Hall

July 12: "There There My Dear" enters British chart.

July 13: @ Cardiff, Top Rank

July 14: @ Stafford, Top Of The World

July 15: @ Hatfield, Forum

July 16: @ Liverpool, Original Club 

July 17: @ Birmingham, Gay Tower Ballroom

July 18: @ Birmingham, Cedar Club ("under 18's")

July 19: @ Oxford, New Theatre

July 20: @ Ashington, Regatta Marquee

July 23: @ Galway, Seapoint

July 24: @ Sligo, Baymount

July 25: @ Tralee, Cyms

July 26: "Searching For The Young Soul Rebels" enters British album chart.

July 29: @ Dublin, Mansion House

July 30: @ Dundalk, Imperial

July 31: @ Belfast, Ulster Hall

July 2: @ London, Hornsey Town Hall

July 3: @ Blackburn, King George's Hall


August ??: Dexys make their first appearance in the U.S.A. playing a couple of nights at 'Hurrahs' in New York.

August 2: "There There My Dear" peaks at Number 7 in British Chart.

August 6: Dexys announce they will no longer be giving interviews and that they intend to communicate directly with their fans through essays.

Dexys embark on a lengthy European tour with new recruit Mick Talbot on keyboards.

August 15: @ Bilzen Festival (Belgium) Dexys share the bill with The Stranglers, Urban Heroes,The Lambrettas and Girlschool (featuring ex-Killjoy, Gil Weston),


August 17: @ Groningen Sterrebos (Holland)

September: "Keep It - Part Two"/"One Way Love" recorded.
September 27: @ Rotterdam, Eksit


October 8: @ Berlin, S.O. 36

October 9: @ Hamburg, Markthalle

October 10: @ Herford, Scala.

 Dexys also appear on Granada TV show, "Wilson's World of Pop", interviewed (in a caff) by presenter Tony Wilson.

October 11: @ Cologne, Funkhaus

October 13: @ Hannover, Rotation

October 14: @ Dusseldorf, Ratinger Hof


November 7: Dexys split. Williams, Blythe, Spooner, Talbot and Stoker leave to form The Bureau.

November 13: Smash Hits announces that Seb Shelton has left Secret Affair. He subsequently joins Dexys.


November 17: "Keep It - Part Two" released.

December: New line-up of Midnight Runners recruited by Rowland, Archer, Paterson and Shelton. Saxophonists Paul Speare and Brian Maurice are joined by keyboard player Micky Billingham and bassist Steve Wynne.

New-look  Dexys  perform "Geno" on  "Top of  the  Pops" Christmas special.

1981 January: Kevin Archer leaves Dexys to form The Blue Ox Babes. He is replaced by Billy Adams. The new line-up rehearse in a disused theatre for their planned tour, provisionally entitled "The Open Heart Revue".  

"Plan B" / "Soul Finger" single recorded. 

March 9:
"Plan B" released (against the group's wishes).

March 21: "Plan B" enters British chart, peaking at number 58.

Dexys leave E.M.I., having discovered a loop-hole in their original contract. Without record company support they are forced to cancel most of the planned shows on their  "Projected Passion Revue" tour.

April 9: @ Birmingham, Odeon  

April 13: @ Chelmsford, Odeon

April 17: @ London, Dominion Theatre 

May 30: "Radio 1 Live In Concert" recorded @ London, Paris Theatre

May 5 (9-45pm):  Dexys appear on BBC2 'alternative comedy' show "Boom Boom... Out Go The Lights" starring Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer and Alexei Sayle. They perform "Plan B" and "Soul Finger".

June: Dexys sign to Phonogram before embarking on a two-week tour of Europe, including the Hamar Festival in Norway, some shows in Stockholm and several appearances at open-air festivals in Holland:

June 27: @ Bussum, "Heipop Festival" (Holland)

June 30: @ Brouwershaven, De Markt (Holland)

July 3: "
Show Me
/Soon" released
July 9: "Radio 1 Sessions" recorded (tracks: "Spiritual Passion", "Let's Make This Precious", "Your Own" and "Until I Believe In My Soul").

July 11:
Show Me" enters British chart.

August 16:
@ Nottingham - Theatre Royal - The show is filmed and an edited version of it is later broadcast on ITV show "Video Sounds".

August 17: @ Edinburgh, Coasters

September 01: Micky Billingham reveals in the group's latest news-letter that the next single entitled "Your Own" will be released very shortly.
Giorgio Kilkenny replaces Steve Wynne on bass guitar just in time to perform on the new single, now retitled "Liars A To E" and featuring Speare, Maurice and Paterson on viola and cellos instead of their familiar brass instruments.

September 09: Dexys travel to Portugal to take part in the Avante festival, performing in front of crowds of 5000! Their set includes one of the band's earliest performances of "Jackie Wilson Said".  

October: "Liars A to E" released.   

November 13: @ London, Old Vic 

November 14: @ London, Old Vic

November 15: @ London, Old Vic

1982 January: Violin player, Helen  Bevington  from Birmingham School of Music rehearses with Dexys as they experiment with a new "Celtic Soul" sound. She introduces fellow students, Steve Shaw and Roger Huckle to the group and the trio (renamed Helen O'Hara, Steve Brennan and Roger MacDuff) become known as 'The Emerald Express'.

Big Jimmy Paterson  and Brian Maurice leave Dexys, feeling that their role in the group has diminished since the arrival of the fiddle section. Paul Speare remains with the group for another few weeks.

March 21:  "Celtic Soul Brothers" (featuring 'The Emerald Express') enters the British chart, peaking at number 45. 

Big Jimmy Paterson  and Brian Maurice agree to return to the group on a session basis to complete the album sessions, before forming a free-lance brass section which eventually became known as "The TKO Horns".

"Too-Rye-Ay" (provisional title "Hey, Where You Going With That Suitcase") recorded"

April: Record Mirror states that a new Dexys album entitled "Where You Going With That Suitcase?" will be released in July.

June 6: Brass section return for one last wild waltz, performing at a one-off concert:  "Radio 1 Live in Concert" recorded @ Newcastle, Exhibition Park.

June 19th: In its first week of release "Come On Eileen" fails to chart and is listed as 'bubbling under' the top 75 for 2 weeks running.

July 3: "Come On Eileen" enters British chart at No.63.

July 4: "Radio 1 session" recorded (tracks: "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)"; "Let's Make This Precious"; "All In All (This One Last Wild Waltz)"; "Old" (The session features Mark Walters on trombone and new saxophonist Nick Gatfield.)

End of July: 
"Too-Rye-Ay" released.

August: Giorgio Kilkenny leaves Dexys and is replaced on bass by Johnny Edwards.

August 7: "Come On Eileen" reaches number 1 in British chart (... just in time for Eddie-Metal's 22nd birthday celebrations!) 

Dexys consolidate their new-found success by commencing "The Bridge" tour, accompanied by new-recruits, Spike Edney on trombone and saxophonist Kevin Gilson.
September 26: @ Glasgow, Pavilion

September 27: @ Edinburgh, Usher Hall

September 28: @ Newcastle, City Hall

September 30: @ Manchester, Tameside Theatre

October 1: @ Southport Theatre

October 2: @ LLandudno, Astra Theatre; "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven When You Smile)" enters British chart.

October 3: @ Birmingham, Hippodrome 

October 5: @ Coventry, Apollo 

October 6: @ Cardiff, St David's Hall

October 7: @ Poole, Arts Centre

October 9: @ London, Shaftesbury Theatre

October 10: @ London, Shaftesbury Theatre (filmed for video release)

Dexys embark on an extensive European tour (including...)

October 27: @ Haarlem, (Holland)

October 29: @ Hamburg, Markthalle

November 5:
@ Hamburg, Audiomax 
November 13:  @ Paris, Eldorado

November 19:  @ Berlin, Germany 

December 3: Dexys appear on Channel 4's "The Tube" giving a remarkable performance of "There There My Dear". They also perform "Let's Get This Straight", "Celtic Soul Brothers" and "Plan B" (which is cut short by the end of the show.)

Micky Billingham leaves Dexys to join General Public.

December 3: Dexys appear on BBC2 programme, "Oxford Road Show" performing "Kevin Rowland's Band", "Let's Get This Straight" and "Celtic Soul Brothers".

December 4: "Let's Get This Straight (From The Start)"/"Old" enters British chart.

December 26: Dexys perform  Slade's "Merry Christmas, Everybody" and "Let's Get This Straight" on ITV Christmas special, "Christmas Goes Pop".

 1983 February: Dexys embark on their first American tour with new-recruit, Bob Noble taking over on keyboards from the departed Billingham. A concert performed at the New York Savoy is recorded for US release:
February 10: @ New York, Savoy Hall
February 14: @ Toronto, Canada, Massey Hall
February 15: @ Detroit, St. Andrews
February 15: @ San Francisco, Kabuki Theater

March 18: "Radio 1 Live in Concert" recorded @ Liverpool, Royal Court Theatre.

April 2: "The Celtic Soul Brothers (More Please, Thank You)" enters the British charts.

April 16: "Rockpalast" live TV broadcast recorded @ Essen, Germany, 'Grugahalle' 

April 17:
@ Paris, Casino de Paris

April 18:
@ Paris, Casino de Paris

April 23:
"Come On Eileen" reaches number 1 in the American charts.

May: Dexys embark on a second tour of  America to capitalise on the success of "Come On Eileen" and "Too-Rye-Ay":
May 14: "Saturday Night Live" TV broadcast recorded @ New York, RCA Building
May 21: @ Atlanta, Georgia, The Agora
May 22: @ Gainesville, Florida University
May 23: @ Hollywood, Los Angeles, The Palace. (This show is broadcast on radio show "Rock 'n' Roll Tonight")
June 09: @ Paris, Hippodrome D'auteuil (A support act slot for Dexys at a concert headlined by David Bowie sees Kevin Rowland grow impatient at the crowd's restlessness and antagonise the fans by sharing some "choice words" regarding the "star act" of the night!)
After this show the group takes time out to start developing ideas for the next album. 

September/October: Dexys begin demo-ing material for their next album, including new composition "What's She Like."  

1984 February: Vincent Crane joins Dexys after seeing an advert for a "bluesy-hard  piano player" in Melody Maker. Mick Bolton also auditions for the group which is now a nucleus of Kevin Rowland, Billy Adams, Helen O'Hara and Nicky Gatfield. 

 April/May: Dexys spend four weeks recording at Mountain Studios in Montreaux, with Rowland, Adams, O'Hara, Gatfield and Crane joined by previous Dexys members Johnny Edwards, Bob Noble and original trombonist Jimmy Paterson, alongside Wilson Pickett's regular drummer, Crusher Green.  
"I Love You (Listen To This)" recorded. ("Reminisce Part Two" also apparently recorded at this time)

June/July: Crane , Edwards and Green are replaced by Mick Bolton, Trevor Burton and Mick Woodmansey as album rehearsals and recording sessions continue back in England.
"Elizabeth Wimpole & Kathleen Ni Houlihan" (a.k.a. "The Waltz"), "Kevin Rowland's 13th Crime" and "The Way You Look Tonight" recorded along with unreleased recordings "What's She's Like", "One Of Those Things", "I'll Put It Right With Thirst", "Because Of You" and "Dave" (a.k.a. "Knowledge of Beauty").

Early cover art for the new album is produced.

August: Original release date for new album postponed as recording continues at studios in Kensington. 

September: Crane and Edwards return to the group replacing Bolton and Burton, as the entire album is re-recorded with new drummer Tim Dancy. The line-up is augmented by Julian Littman on Mandolin and steel gutar player Tommy Evans.  
Released versions of "This Is What She's Like", "The Occasional Flicker", "Knowledge Of Beauty" and "One Of Those Things" recorded. 

December: Rescheduled release date for new album postponed .

1985 January: 'Smash Hits' announces that it has heard "rough mixes" of the new Dexys album, stating that Kevin Rowland has "gone a bit Rock 'n' Roll". 

February 1: Mixing of the album begins in New York's Electric Ladyland studios.

August 17: A wordless, full-page advert depicting Kevin Rowland in a suit and tie appears in both Melody Maker and N.M.E.

August 23: Dexys' scheduled headline appearance on  a  five-hour Channel  4 special, 'The Big Tube' is cancelled when the programme  is scrapped at the last minute due to industrial action at Tyne Tees studios.

September 7: Kevin Rowland and Billy Adams take part in an extended interview with Richard Skinner on Radio 1, previewing several of the new album tracks. 

September 10-12: Dexys' spend three days at Wembley Film Studios in North London filming the studio parts of the promotional videos for "This Is What She's Like", "Knowledge Of Beauty" and "Listen To This" with film-maker Jack Hazan directing. The videos for "This Is What She's Like" and "Knowledge Of Beauty" also feature extensive footage filmed on location - in New York and Ireland's County Mayo respectively. 

September 13: "Don't Stand Me Down" is finally released.

Dexys appear on BBC 1's "Wogan" show, performing "Listen To This"  

October 1: Kevin Rowland is interviewed on  BBC 2's 'Whistle Test' by Richard Skinner. The interview is followed by a  rare broadcast of the video for "Knowledge of Beauty".    

October 4: Kevin Rowland, Billy Adams and Helen O'Hara appear on Channel 4's "Bliss" for a  rather confrontational interview with Muriel Gray. 

October 5: "Marguerita Time" and "Kathleen Mavourneen" recorded.

October 11: Dexys perform "Listen To This" and "Kathleen Mavourneen" on  Channel 4's 'The Tube'. 

October 22: @ Rennes, Maison De La Culture 

October 23: @ Nantes, Le Paris 

October 25: @ Paris, Eldorado

October 26: @ Paris, Eldorado

October 27: @ Paris, Eldorado

November 1: @ Edinburgh, Playhouse

November 2: @ Newcastle, City Hall

November 3: @ Manchester Apollo

November 4: @ Nottingham, Royal Concert Hall

November 7: @ Southampton, Beaumont

November 8: @ Brighton, Centre; "(An Extract From) This Is What She's Like" is released as a single. 

November 9: @ Bristol, Colston Hall

November 11: @ London, Dominion Theatre

November 12: @ London, Dominion Theatre

November 13: @ London, Dominion Theatre  

December: "This Is What She's Like" re-recorded for proposed single release.

1986 March 18: "Because Of You" recorded.

March 19/20: A Dexys Midnight Runners line-up including Kevin Rowland, Billy Adams, Helen O'Hara, Vince Crane and Mick Bolton work on some new recordings...

Dexys provide the theme tune and incidental music for a new BBC comedy called  "Brush Strokes". The song, originally titled "You're Alright With Me", is also planned for future single release. Reports suggest that Kevin Rowland is a personal friend of the show's star, Karl Howman.


New Kevin Rowland composition "Walk Away" is demoed with a view to releasing it as the next Dexys single. However, following the exposure gained from its regular use in the  hit series "Brush Strokes", "Because Of You" becomes the new single by "Dexys Midnight Runners Featuring Kevin Rowland"

November: Helen O'Hara personally writes the latest "Dexys Midnight Runners Circle" news letter telling the tales of her time with the group.

November 22:
"Because of You (The Theme from Brush Strokes)"  enters the British charts, eventually reaching number 13.

Later pressings of "Because Of You" carry the changed heading: "Kevin Rowland Featuring Dexys Midnight Runners" indicating the beginnings of Rowland's move towards a solo career. 

1987  Acoustic demos of new Kevin Rowland compositions "Young Man", "When You Walk Alone" and "Tonight" are recorded as Rowland begins work on what will eventually become his first solo album.

August: Dexys Midnight Runners Circle newsletter announces that Kevin Rowland is in the United States recording the L.P.- revealing that "The new material is different from previous Dexys Midnight Runners output... At present, progress is according to schedule and they are about half-way through recording the album."  

1988 February 20: N.M.E. reports that Kevin Rowland will return with a new solo single and album in April.

May: "Walk Away" is released, reaching number 67 in the British charts.

June: "The Wanderer" is released, also reaching number 67 in the British charts. 

July 15: Kevin Rowland appears on Jonathan Ross' Channel 4 show, "The Last Resort", performing "The More I See You" accompanied by ex-Midnight Runners, Jimmy Paterson and Mick Bolton. 

August: "Tonight" is released, reaching number 81 in the British charts.

October: "Young Man" is released. It does not chart.

1990: Kevin Rowland  co-writes the song "If You Keep On" for Adam Ant's album "Manners and Physique".  

November 10: The N.M.E. reports that Kevin Rowland has taken London Records to the High Court for breaking a promise to sign him after he had freed himself from his contract with Phonogram in order to join them. They also reveal that Rowland and Big Jimmy Paterson will return with a reformed Dexys Midnight Runners in 1991, featuring "one or two other key members" and with Rowland stating: "We've got lots of plans for next year."


1991: Kevin Rowland  and Jimmy Paterson  who are both unemployed and on the dole meet up regularly to work on new songs and plans to reform Dexys.

August 25: "The People" newspaper runs a cover story reporting that Kevin Rowland has discovered he has a 17 year old daughter named Althea-Jane.

1992: Kevin Rowland supplies vocals and guitar for the Shut Up And Dance track, "Autobiography of A Crackhead"

Heavenly Records finance the recording of some new demos. The songs include early versions of "Manhood" and "My Life In England" together with "You're The Rose" and "You Can Get Your Own Free".

1993: Further demos are  recorded including new versions of "Manhood" and "My Life In England" together with "If I Ever", "She's Got A Giggle That Melts My Heart" and "Coming Home".
March 27: A Dexys line-up featuring Kevin Rowland, Jimmy Paterson and Billy Adams perform "Manhood" and "If I Ever" on Jonathan Ross' Channel 4 show, "Saturday Zoo."  The return is accompanied by interviews in the music press detailing Dexys' plans for a new album and tour.

August: Q Magazine runs a four page feature on Dexys' return. Kevin Rowland takes the opportunity to announce that the "Too-Rye-Ay" sound was actually inspired by Kevin Archer. 

1994: Kevin Rowland, recovering from cocaine addiction and bankrupcy undergoes therapy. He also contemplates a career change to acting.

A TV documentary to mark the release of The Proclaimers' new album "Hit The Highway" includes a brief interview with Kevin Rowland.

1995 April 15: The N.M.E. prints an article about Dexys' aborted 1993 return.
May 6: Kevin Rowland sends a letter to the N.M.E. regarding their recent Dexys article which leads to a war of words between him and the paper, lasting several weeks.

1997 January: Kevin Rowland announces that he has signed to Creation and will be releasing an album entitled "My Beauty", stating that this will be followed by a new Dexys album. He also uses the press release to reiterate that Kevin Archer deserved credit for inspiring Dexy's "Too-Rye-Ay" sound.

January 21: The Daily Mail reports the story, implying that "Come On Eileen" was actually written by Kevin Archer. 

February 1: Melody Maker prints a statement from Kevin Rowland clarifying that it was the "Too-Rye-Ay" SOUND and not any particular songs that were inspired by Kevin Archer.

1998: While work on  the new album progresses slowly, it emerges that Jimmy Paterson has left the project. 

1999 June: A high-profile bill-board campaign and front cover feature in "Dazed & Confused" magazine launch Kevin Rowland's new 'soft and sexy' look on an unsuspecting public. 
August 28: Kevin Rowland does a 15 minute set at the Reading Festival, performing "You'll Never Walk Alone", "Concrete And Clay" and "The Greatest Love Of All". His attire and the use of exotic dancers during the set provoke a hostile reaction from some in the crowd and also from the music press.
September: "Concrete And Clay" is released. It does not chart. 

The Bruce Springsteen song "Thunder Road" is pulled from "My Beauty" at the eleventh hour after  permission to use different lyrics from the original version is refused.

October: "My Beauty" is released. It does not chart. 

2000 August: "Searching For The Young Soul Rebels (20th anniversary edition)" is released.

September: Kevin Rowland and Kevin Archer are reunited for an 8-page interview in Record Collector. 

The Dexys story is featured as part of a BBC documentary series, "Young Guns", including contributions from many of the original group members.

 October 21:
Dexys feature on a Channel 4 documentary "Top Ten of 1980" which includes a joint-interview with Kevin Archer and Kevin Rowland as well as comments from Big Jimmy Paterson and Geno Washington. 

2001 February: Rumours of a possible Dexys return again resurface. It is also announced that Kevin Rowland has supplied the vocals for a forthcoming Space Raiders single, "Dreamland", described as being quite 'vaudeville' in style. The single, scheduled for a summer release, never appears.
February 13: The NME reports on the rumours, quoting a spokesman for Kevin Rowland's management: "We're just deciding now he's free of a deal after Creation disbanded whether it's going to be a Dexys thing or a solo thing."

April: Kevin Rowland appears in a BBC Scotland documentary to mark the release of The Proclaimers' new album, "Persevere", declaring his appreciation of their music.

August 23: Kevin Rowland appears at Filthy McNasty's pub in London as part of a promotion for Paul Gorman's book "The Look" to which Kevin has contributed his recollections on Mod fashion and culture. He reads extracts from the book and performs renditions of "This Guy's In Love With You" and "I Love You (Listen To This)". 

October 31: Birmingham Evening Mail reports that Kevin Rowland has been invited to unveil a 40 foot mural at West Bromwich Community Centre featuring images of local celebrities, including Rowland himself.

November: Kevin Rowland appears at the Q Magazine awards ceremony, presenting Travis with their 'Best Band' award. Kevin's 'country gent' look complete with checked jacket and cap ensure that his picture appears in several news papers and celebrity magazines. 

2002 A promotional tour for Paul Gorman's book "The Look" is postponed several times before being cancelled. 

April: "Don't Stand Me Down (The Director's Cut)" is released.

2003 March 7: Former Midnight Runners, Pete Williams, Steve Spooner and Mick Talbott are reunited with fellow ex-Bureau members Archie Brown and Paul Taylor at a Young Bucks gig in Gateshead. Meanwhile, rumours are once again circulating that Dexys plan to reform, and that Paul Gorman is writing a Dexys biography.

April: Dexys announce that they have recorded two new songs, intended for single release and will be releasing a new Greatest Hits album later in the year which will be accompanied by a tour.
April 20: 'The Dexys Midnight Runners Group' is set-up on the M.S.N. web-site. This web-group features the first versions of the pages which will eventually become www.dexys.org

June: Mojo Magazine features a letter from Kevin Rowland to his fans: "I just want to say thanks to the fans of mine who have supported me through the good times and the bad for more than 20 years. I do appreciate it. Thank you." 

August 8: Kevin Rowland and Pete Williams are interviewed  by Mark Goodier for BBC Radio 2. The show also features the first public airing of the new "Manhood" single and it is revealed during the interview that Mick Talbot will be part of the new Dexys line-up.

August 23: Kevin Rowland and Pete Williams are interviewed  by Mark Lamarr for BBC Radio 2.

September 17: The  new line-up of Midnight Runners including ex-Bureau trombonist Paul Taylor and "My Beauty" guitarist Neil Hubbard is revealed by MSN's 'Dexys Midnight Runners Group'! On the same day the band make their first public appearance when they record a performance of "Manhood" for the BBC TV show TOTP2.

September 22: New 'Best of' compilation "Let's Make This Precious" is released.

September 30: Kevin Rowland is interviewed  by Danny Baker for BBC Radio London.

October 4: A four-piece line-up of Midnight Runners featuring Kevin Rowland, Pete Williams, Mick Talbot and Neil Hubbard play a short set at Newcastle's Baltic Centre, broadcast live on Radio 2. They perform "My Life In England" which is announced as the new single together with unplugged style versions of "Because of You" and "Come On Eileen".


October 8: The TOTP2 performance of "Manhood" is broadcast. 

October 21: @ Portsmouth, Guildhall

October 23: @ Wolverhampton, Civic Hall

October 25: @ Leeds, Grand Theatre

October 26: @ Basingstoke, The Anvil

October 28: @ Bristol, Colston Hall

October 29: @ Cambridge, Corn Exchange

October 31: @ Guildford, Civic

November 2: @ Aberdeen, Music Hall

November 3: @ Glasgow, Pavilion

November 4: @ Newcastle, Opera House

November 6: @ Manchester, Academy

November 7: @ Liverpool, Royal Court Theatre - recorded for DVD release.

November 8: @ Northampton, Derngate

November 10: @ London, Royal Festival Hall

November 11: @ Mitlon Keynes, Stables

November 12: @ Plymouth, Pavilions

November 14: @ Coventry, Warwick Arts Centre

November 15: @ Dublin, Vicar Street

November 16: @ Belfast, Waterfront Hall

November 18: @ Leicester, De Montford Hall

November 20: @ Malmo, KB

November 22: @ Oslo, Rockefeller

November 23: @ Stockholm, Cirkus

November 25: @ Goteborg, Tradgarn 

December: Kevin Rowland selects ten of his all-time favourite tracks for BBC Radio 2 feature "Tracks Of My Tears". The selections include  two songs each by Van Morrison and Bryan Ferry.

2004 January 24: Kevin Rowland takes part in a public interview at a theatre in Gothenburg organised in conjuction with The Gothenburg Film Festival and Swedish radio.

January 27: Kevin Rowland  attends a signing session at a record store in Stockholm.

February 14: BBC Radio 2 broadcasts an hour-long documentary presented by comedian, Alexei Sayle entitled "Alexei on Dexys" featuring interviews with Kevin Rowland and several ex-band members.

May 26: Kevin Rowland makes a surprise guest appearance at a gig by Swedish artist Moneybrother at the Debaser club in Stockholm. He performs the Moneybrother song “It’s Been Hurting All The Way With You, Joanna” as well as the Dexys classics "Tell Me When My Light Turns Green", "This Is What She's Like" and "Come On Eileen".

May 31: "Punk In London '77" DVD released featuring rare footage of Kevin Rowland in The Killjoys, along with many other punk acts including The Clash and The Jam.

June: "Come On England" (a re-working of Dexys hit "Come On Eileen") is released as a 'Euro 2004' football anthem by a group called 4-4-2. It reaches Number 2 in the UK singles chart.

June 15: A telephone interview with Kevin Rowland about the song is broadcast on Sky Sports News.

August 30: "It Was Like This - Live" DVD, featuring film of Dexys 2003 show in Liverpool is finally released.

September 26: Kevin Rowland and Billy Adams appear briefly on ITV show "It Shouldn't Happen To A Pop Star" discussing their experiences of 'over-obsessive fans'! 

2005 March 12: Kevin Rowland performs at a reunion concert for art-rock band, Deaf School at The Magnet in Liverpool. He appears alongside Madness singer, Suggs on stage.

June 2: A short interview with Kevin Rowland, announcing that Dexys are 'back in the studio' and 'working on a new album' is broadcast on the Ken Bruce show on BBC Radio 2.

October 4: New web-site, www.dexys.org is set up!
October 10: Richard White's unofficial Dexys book "Young Soul Rebels" is published.

November 15: Kevin Rowland's scheduled performance at a Gala Concert in Cardiff in aid of Kidney Research is cancelled at the last minute due to a family bereavement. It later emerges that Kevin's brother, Pete has passed away.

2006 January 20: Kevin Rowland features as a guest reviewer on BBC 6Music new-release show "Round Table".

January 24: The Sun newspaper reports that Blur's Alex James is writing a song for the new Dexys album and might perform with Dexys "next year".

January 26: Kevin Rowland features in another brief interview on BBC Radio 2's Ken Bruce show talking about writing songs for the forthcoming Dexys album.

February 22/23: Kevin Rowland returns to Sweden for more live performances at Stokholm's Debaser club.

 February 24: Kevin Rowland performs with Debaser club's house-band Club Killers in Lund, southern Sweden.

Whilst in Sweden, Kevin gives interviews to journalists Andres Lokko and Patrik Zander about his plans for the new Dexys album.

2007 January 19: Kevin Rowland DJ set @ Wolverhampton, Civic Centre.

February: Kevin Rowland announces via his MySpace site that future releases will be under the shortened name of "Dexys" (rather than "Dexys Midnight Runners").
February 02: Kevin Rowland DJ set @ Brixton, Canterbury Arms as guest DJ for H.D.I.F. ("How Does It Feel To Be Loved")
February 14-16: Kevin Rowland stands in as a guest DJ for three nights on BBC 6Music, playing a very eclectic mix of songs.

July 13: Kevin Rowland DJ set @ Birmingham, Hare & Hounds.
July 21: Kevin Rowland features on BBC TV programme, "Soul Britania" .

August 10: Kevin Rowland DJ set @ Dublin, Sugar Club.

August 25: Kevin Rowland appears as a guest on Mark Lamaar's BBC Radio 2 show, discussing his involvement in a soon-to-be released Motown compilation.

September 3: "Too-Rye-Ay" 2CD "Deluxe Edition" released.

Motown "Made-to-Measure" compilation featuring track selections hand-picked by Kevin Rowland also released.

September 7-9: Kevin Rowland DJ set @ "Bestival", Newport, Isle of Wight.
September 14: Wolverhampton's "Express & Star" newspaper runs an article about Kevin Archer who is now offering his services as a private guitar tutor.

2008 January: Kevin Rowland gives a short interview to Uncut magazine about work on the new Dexys album.
May: The "Little Nibble" Café in Smethwick (immortalised in the Dexys Midnight Runners song "This Is What She's Like") closes its doors to the public for the last time.

August: "Dexys Midnight Runners - The Collection" is released - part of Woolworths' "Worth It" CD collection. (The sad demise of this British High Street retailer just six months later meant that opportunities to buy this item were short-lived.)

September 5-7: Kevin Rowland DJ set @ "Bestival", Newport, Isle of Wight.

November 1: Kevin Rowland performs a live DJ set on BBC 6Music's "6 Mix" show.

2009 May 18: The long-lost 1988 album, "Apples And Oranges" by Kevin Archer’s post-Dexys band The Blue Ox Babes is finally released.

July 08: Kevin Rowland announces that he has spent the past seven days at a studio in central London with Mick Talbot, working on material for a new Dexys project!

November 06: Kevin Rowland DJ set @ Brixton, Canterbury Arms.

2010 Kevin Rowland  relocates to an Ayurvedic garden health retreat in India for five weeks to contemplate his next move. He concludes that he wants to make a new Dexys album.

March 11: Kevin Rowland is interviewed by DJ and author, Dave Haslam in front of a sell-out audience in Manchester's Green Room. The interview is part of a series of "Close Up" events organised by Haslam, featuring writers, artists, actors and musicians including Terry Hall, John Bramwell and Mark E. Smith.

April 29: Kevin Rowland performs a DJ set with Dave Hill for Heavenly Recordings at The Social.

October 18: "Searching For The Young Soul Rebels - 30th Anniversary Edition" is released.

2011 Dexys finally begin recording sessions for their long-promised new album.

July 15: Dexys announce that "almost half" of their new album has been recorded.

July 16: Kevin Rowland DJ set @ London, Phoenix.

July 19: Dexys unveil the first material from their forthcoming album, making a short extract from opening track, "Now" available on YouTube.

October 22: Dexys announce that recording of their new album is complete!

Pete Schwier completes the final mixes of the new Dexys album.  

2012 February 29: Dexys reveal the full track-listing of new album "One Day I'm Going To Soar"

March 09: Kevin Rowland is interviewed on BBC 6 Music's Radcliffe & Maconie Show which features the first airing of material from the new Dexys album.

March 12: Dexys unveil a 'taster track' from their forthcoming album entitled "Nowhere Is Home".

March 16:
Kevin Rowland is interviewed by Mark Kermode on BBC’s “Culture Show”.

April 28: @ Stockholm, Berns

April 30: @ Gothenburg, Pustervik

May 04:
@ Treorchy, Parc and Dare Theatre
May 06: @ Glasgow, Cottier Theatre
May 07: @ Whitely Bay, Play House

May 08:
London, Shepherds Bush Empire 

May 15:
Dexys appear on BBC 2 show “Later With Jools Holland” performing “Free”, “Incapable of Love”, “Lost” and “Come On Eileen”

June 01: Dexys appear on BBC2's Friday Review Show, performing "I'm Thinking Of You".

June 04:
“One Day I’m Going To Soar” is released.

June 05: Kevin Rowland and Big Jimmy Paterson are interviewed on the BBC Breakfast sofa in a broadcast otherwise dominated by coverage of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

June 23: @ Frankfurt, Jahrhunderhalle

July 13: @ Southwold, Henham Park ("Latitude" Festival)

September 01: @ Stradbally, Stradbally Hall ("Electric Picnic" Festival)

September 09:
Colchester, Arts Centre (warm-up show for the “One Day I’m Going To Soar” tour.)   

September 11:
Cambridge, Corn Exchange

September 12: @ Birmingham, Symphony Hall

September 13: @ Southampton, Guildhall

September 16: @ London, Barbican Centre

September 17: @ Gateshead, Sage Theatre

September 18: @ Edinburgh, Queens Hall

September 20: @ Brighton, Dome

September 21: @ Manchester, Bridgewater Hall

September 22: @ Bristol, Colston Hall 

September 24: @ Liverpool, Philharmonic Hall

September 25: @ Oxford, New Theatre

October 29: "Incapable Of Love" is released.

November 10: @ Melbourne, Werribee Park (Harvest Festival)

November 11:
Melbourne, Werribee Park (Harvest Festival) 

November 12: @ Perth, Astor Theatre (Harvest Festival)
November 15: @ Sydney, Enmore Theatre (Harvest Festival) 

November 17: @ Sydney, Parramatta Park (Harvest Festival)

November 18: @ Brisbane, The Botanic Gardens (Harvest Festival)


2013 January 01: Dexys appear shortly after midnight on Jools Holland’s New Year BBC show “Jools Annual Hootenanny”, performing “Come On Eileen”, “She Got A Wiggle” and “Geno”.

January 29: Kevin is interviewed by Jo Whiley on her BBC Radio 2 show.

April 06: @ London, Wilton’s Music Hall (For “Other Voices”)

April 09: @ Bury St Edmunds, The Apex

April 10: @ Bath, Komedia 

April 13: @ Gloucester, Guildhall Arts Centre

April 15: @ London, Duke of York Theatre

April 16:
@ London
, Duke of York Theatre

April 18:
@ London
, Duke of York Theatre

April 19: @ London, Duke of York Theatre

April 20: @ London, Duke of York Theatre

April 22:
@ London
, Duke of York Theatre

April 23: @ London, Duke of York Theatre

April 24:
@ London
, Duke of York Theatre

April 27:
@ London
, Duke of York Theatre

May 02: @ Dublin, Olympia Theatre

May 03:
@ Belfast
, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

May 04: @ Liverpool, Liverpool Cathedral ("Liverpool Sound City")

May 10: Kevin Rowland is interviewed byTalk Sport, discussing his life-long love of Wolverhampton Wanderers football club.

May 25: @ Barcelona, Parc del Forum (“Primavera Sound” Festival)

June: @ "Luften Festival", Gemany 

June 30: @ The Hague, Zuiderpark (“Parkpop” Festival)

July 01: @ Amsterdam, Melkweg

July 13: Southwold, Henham Park ("Latitude" Festival)

July 18:
Dexys headline the Larmer Tree Festival

July 26: @ Kirkcudbright, Kirkcarswell Farm (Wickerman Festival)

July 28:
@ Stockton-On-Tees
(Stockton Weekender Festival)

September 08: @ Downhill (Isle of Wight), Robin Hill Country Park ("Bestival")

September 13: Kevin Rowland receives an honorary degree from the University of Wolverhampton.

November: Kevin Rowland makes a promotional visit to New York to support the belated U.S. release of "One Day I'm Going To Soar".

2014 May 09: Dexys film, “Nowhere Is Home” premieres at the B.F.I. [British Film Institute] on London's South Bank.

April 12: Dexys announce that former Bananarama and Shakespeare's Sister singer Siobhan Fahey has joined Dexys for their summer shows as a replacement for Madeleine Hyland who is unavailable.

June 07: Kevin Rowland is interviewed by Amy Lamé on BBC Radio 6 Music.

June 24: @ Norwich, The Waterfront 

June 25: @ Coventry, The Kasbah  

June 27: @
London, Roundhouse 

June 28:
Dexys make their debut at the Glastonbury Festival, performing on the Acoustic Stage.

July 21: Dexys film, “Nowhere Is Home” is given a one-night only release at Vue Cinemas across the UK. Kevin Rowland attends the screening at London’s Piccadilly Circus.

October 20: "Nowhere Is Home" Live CD/DVD released. (It features recordings/footage from the 2013 performances at London's Duke of York Theatre.)

October 30: Kevin Rowland and Jim Paterson appear on BBC's "The One Show" in an interview with former Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews.

2015 March 20: Dexys film "Nowhere Is Home" gets its TV premiere on BBC4. The airing of the programme causes "Dexys" to trend on Twitter! 

To be continued...

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