1. Dance Stance - I'm Just Looking


label - EMI/Oddball Productions catalogue no. - R6028

released - December 1979. UK chart position - 40 (6 weeks in chart)

Known variations - none.


2. Geno - Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache


label - EMI/Late Night Feelings catalogue no. - R6033

released - March 1980 UK chart position - 1 (14 weeks in chart)

known variations -
a. In February 1983 Geno was re-released in its original picture bag with Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache as the b-side. As I didn't buy it I don't know if there were any differences in this release to the original. Anyone know?
What the UK music press said - 'A dire tribute to Geno Washington, and doubtless one that will sell and sell. How long must we subject our kids to this filth? Weedy, beatless and pathetic.' - Record Mirror, 15 March 1980


3. There There My Dear - The Horse


label - EMI/Late Night Feelings catalogue no. - R6038

released - July 1980 UK chart position - 7 (9 weeks in chart)

Known variations - none
What the UK music press said - "I wonder what you all think about the new single by Dexy's Midnight Runners, 'There, There My Dear'? Musically it seems to us great, in the same mould as the amazing 'Geno', but I wonder what you make of the lyrics - not exactly singalong stuff, are they? Now the other side of the record, 'The Horse' is much closer to what I'd rather like Dexy's to be playing all the time. It's a brilliant revival of a '60s hit by an obscure group called Cliff Nobles & Co., who seemed to disappear after just one hit" Chart Songwords, August 1980.

4. Thankfully Not Living In Yorkshire It Doesn't Apply - The Horse


label - Parlophone catalogue no. - 2C 008-07.402

released - 1980 (France only) UK chart position - not applicable

Known variations - none


5. Seven Days Too Long - Geno


label - EMI America catalogue no. - 77011

released 1980 (Canada only) UK chart position - not applicable

Read more about this rarity.

Many thanks to Bazza for his persistence in tracking down a copy of this rarity and sending us a scan.


6. Keep It Part Two (Inferiority Part One) - One Way Love


Label - EMI/Late Night Feelings catalogue no. - R6042

released - November 1980? UK chart position - not applicable

Known variations - none

What the UK music press said - 'Now this really is a pain in the butt. A good band that seem to be a mite confused about this, ahem, new soul vision business. (Stop sniggering at the back there!) They blow their horns in fine style yet this Kevin Rowland chap blows the whole song when he opens his mouth. His voice, in short, is out of order. Soul is about communicating drama, passion and a whole spectrum of emotions but Rowland is content to wallow in his own self pity and sounds as if he is in urgent need of medical attention. The split in the ranks is probably for the best.' - Smash Hits, 11 December 1980.


7. Plan B - Soul Finger


label - EMI catalogue no. - R6046

released - March 1981 UK chart position - 58 (2 weeks in chart)

Known variations - none

What the UK music press said - 'Although this does have its moments, like when Kevin Rowland introduces us to what sounds like an elephant in distress but eventually turns out to be a trombone solo, I have to say that it's nothing like as funny as they can be. The tubercular horn section and gargling vocals are steps in the right direction but the song just isn't 'painful' enough. Oh, and their rendition of the Bar Kay's ''Soul Finger'' on the flip is a complete embarrassment. Personally, I've heard more fibre from Sky. Smash Hits - 19 March 1981


8. Show Me - Soon


label - phonogram catalogue no. - DEXYS6

released - July 1981 UK chart position - 16 (9 weeks in chart)

Known variations
a. Initial quantities of this single came with an insert containing an essay and the lyrics of the songs on the rear of the picture sleeve in the form of a photo of two picture frame . Subsequent pressings of the single featured the essay and lyrics printed on the rear of the picture sleeve.

b. The first pressing of the single had a green painted label with black indented print, there are little pictures of Kevin and Big Jimmy also on the label. Subsequent pressing were different.

c. A German 7" promo features an insert with details of credits and a short blurb about Dexys. The rear of the sleeve is the essay version but the text is lilac against a blue background were as the British version is green text against a yellow background.

d. A european version pressed in Holland but probably sold in other countries (our copy was bought from Italy) features a black and white version of the cover photo which is repeated on both sides of the sleeve. The song titles Show Me and Soon as well as Dexys Midnight Runners appear in red text.

What the UK music press said - 'How can anyone take these pontificating nitwits seriously? Q-tips with pretensions is what they sound like from here, bashing through a fairly acceptable brassy stomp overlaid with Kevin Rowland's fake soul whine. All that 'Intense Emotion' stuff is enough to make me puke, if I could stop laughing long enough. Hear the anguish in his voice! Real pain! Real tears! Anyone remember Vikki Carr?' - Record Mirror 11 July 1981.


9. Liars A To E - And Yes We Must Remain The Wildhearted Outsiders


label - Phonogram catalogue no. - DEXYS7

released - November 1981 UK chart position - not applicable

Know variations -
a. Some pressings of the single had a silver painted label with black indented print. There are also little pictures of Kevin and Big Jimmy on the label. Others were different.

What the UK music press said - 'Thoughtful music that deserves your attention, consideration and time. Acapella opening gives way to rasping strings and uniquely Dexoid production. With patience it will grow, but the mass audience has very little patience. P.S. I've got my pen and notebook ready, Kev. That's my job.' - Smash Hits 12 November 1981


10. Celtic Soul Brothers - Love Part Two


Label - Phonogram catalogue number - DEXYS8

released - March 1982 UK chart position - 45 (4 weeks in chart)

Known variations -
a. A "Special DJ Edit" of the single exists featuring Celtic Soul Brothers - Radio Edit (without the spoken introduction) on side 1 and Celtic Soul Brothers - Commercial Version on side 2. The picture sleeve cover is the same as the standard version but features a red "Special DJ Edit" sticker on the front.

What the UK music press said - 'Soul rebels with fiddles, yet, and the result of this curious blend is surprisingly acceptable. Jaunty, but still essentially soulish, with rather less hammy vocals than usual, which certainly helps. There is evidence, within and without, of a sort of humour at play, which is almost as uncomfortable as those self-righteous essays. Undeniably interesting, though.' - Record Mirror 18 March 1982.

11. Come On Eileen - Dubious


Label - Mercury/Phonogram catalogue no. - DEXYS9

Released June 1982 UK chart position - 1 (17 weeks in chart)

Known variations -
a. 12" single release DEXYS912 contained the extra track Liars A To E (new version), this track was to eventually appear on the album Too Rye Ay. The 12" version of Come On Eileen has the additional fiddle introduction (from Oh Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms) which is missing from the 7" and LP version.

b. There are numerous different versions of the sleeves from international releases, some that contained different b-sides, which will eventually be listed here.

What the UK music press said - 'Trading in his track suit for a pair of dungarees, our Kevin has re-discovered his Irish roots, and there's no escaping the fact. The number kickstarts on a sprightly Irish fiddle and then builds in their usual breathless and burley way. If Kev could only inject a mite more humour into his delivery, this would be a great song.' - Smash Hits 8 June 1982.

13. Jackie Wilson Said - Let's Make This Precious


Label - Mercury/Phonogram Catalogue no. - DEXYS 10

Released - September 1982 UK chart position - 5 (7 weeks in chart)

What the UK music press said - 'Much as I've tried to resist it, my long-standing hatred for Dexys is now virtually disappearing. I didn't expect it to happen and it certainly didn't happen by choice. Having been trapped in a room with somone continuously sounding out 'Too Rye Ay' I found myself admitting it was good, even enjoyable. Kevin Rowland may be an egocentric, beyond all hope of salvation, but what he does isn't half bad. Dexys, I've misjudged you.' - Record Mirror

Known varaitions -
a. The 12" release Dexys 1012 has the extra track TSOP.

b. Initial quantities of the 7" had the b-side Howard's Not At Home credited to K. Rowland/B.Adams which actually played as Let's Make This Precious.

c. A German 7" promo features an insert with details of credits and a short blurb about Dexys.


14. Let's Get This Straight From The Start - Old


Label - Mercury/Phonogram catalogue no. - DEXYS11

released - November 1982 UK chart position - 17 (9 weeks in chart)

Known variations -
a. The 12" release DEXYS1112 contained the extra tracks Old and Respect recorded live. It is worth noting that the version of Old that appears on the b-side of the 7" is a different studio recording from that which appears on Too Rye Ay.

What the UK press said - 'Side One is mediocre - the usual Dexys thump without much tune or spark; side two is pleasant - an old-fashioned rock ballad, nicely played, but not a single. Has the Dexys revival bubble burst?' - Smash Hits 4 December 1982


15. The Celtic Soul Brothers (More, Please, Thank You) - Reminisce Part One


Label - Mercury/Phonogram Catalogue no. - DEXYS12

Released - March 1983 UK chart position - 20 (6 weeks in chart)

Known variations -
a. The 12" release DEXYS1212 contains the extra track Show Me recorded live immeadiately after Reminisce Part One. The audience applause from the second track fades into the end of Remnisce Part One making it sound like a live performance!

b. A special edition of the 7" was available with a poster

c. The Irish release listed the b-side as Strong About It '83 but the track plays as Reminisce Part One.

What the UK press said - 'Kevin's rural vision of pop seems to have passed me by. This re-issue (by public demand I assume) does nothing to stir the Celtic fire in my loins. The usual mixture of fiddles and strained vocals.' - Record Mirror 2 April 1983

16. Dance Stance - There There My Dear


Label - EMI/Late Night Feelings catalogue number - G45 5

released 1984 as part of EMI's 'Golden 45s' series


16. One Of Those Things - The Occasional Flicker


Label - Mercury Catalogue no. - DMR1

Released 1985 (presumably around September/October)

This was a promo to coincide with the release of the album Don't Stand Me Down. The version of One Of Those Those things is a much shorter 'radio edit'.
Known variations -
a. We believe there to be a 12" version but can't get our hands on it. Anyone got the details?


17. This Is What She's Like - Marguerita Time


Label - Mercury/Phonogram Catalogue no. - DEXYS13

Released - 8th November 1985 UK chart position - not applicable (to our eternal shame!)

Known variations -
a. The scan above comes from a double pack 7" version which contained An Extract From This Is What She's Like and This Is What She's Like Finale on the first disc and Marguerita Time and Reminisce Part One on the second. The double pack has a gatefold sleeve with a great full band picture in the middle which is taken from the, then unseen, single video. On the discs to the 7" double pack the catalogue no. is DEXYS13 while on the sleeve it is DEXYD13. You sometimes see the 2nd disc from this set advertised as a single on the internet. It has recently emerged that there was also a single disc version of this release (containing the "Extract From" and "Finale" versions of This Is What She's Like) which had the catalogue no. DEXYS13 on the sleeve. (Thanks to John O'Connor for the info).

b. The 12" release DEXYS1213 contains This Is What She's Like (Full length version) on side one with This Is What She's Like (instrumental) and Reminisce Part One on side two.

c. There is also an ultra-rare 10" single DEXYS1310 with This Is What She's Like (Full length version) (which despite its description is actually over a minute shorter than the album version) on side one and Marguerita Time on side two.

d. A 12" radio only promo was issued with One Of Those Things and The Occasional Flicker as the extra tracks. This was issued as a Don't Stand Me Down promo but is most often listed for sale as This Is What She's Like 12". A second white label version (Cataogue No. DMR2) features One Of Those Things and Knowledge Of Beauty. The sleeve to this version features the words 'For Broadcasting Purposes Only' and 'Not For Sale' in a band across the top and the track listing in a band down the side. A black and white picture similar to the album cover is featured but two thirds of it is obscured in translucent white. An American version of the promo (catalogue no. PRO 387-1) features This Is What She's Like (Edit) 4.25, This Is What She's Like (6.10) and One Of Those Things. The sleeve is the same as the British promo but with the words 'For Promotional Use Only' and the different track listing.

e. A single 7" DJ promo exists, catalogue no. - DEXDJ 13. Not sure of the tracks, anyone know?

What the UK music press said - 'Kevin Rowland's in the pub with this bloke called Bill who keeps saying 'Tell me what she's like' to him, right? 'I'm trying, Bill, I'm trying,' Kevin replies - trouble is there's this half-baked Irish showband with a doddery old fiddle player blaring away in the corner so Kevin can hardly hear himself think. And anyway, he's getting quite drunk and so keeps losing himslef in the middle of sentences and howling along with the showband but not quite getting the words quite right or the tune for that matter. Bill never does find out what she's like (whoever 'she' might be) and Kevin wakes up next morning with a massive hangover and the awful, dawning realisation that last night he made this simply LUDICROUS pop disc... ' - Smash Hits 6 November 1985.


18. Because Of You - Kathleen Mavourneen


Label - Mercury/Phonogram Catalogue no. - BRUSH1

Released - November 1986 UK chart position - 13 (10 weeks in chart)

Known variations -
a. The 12" release BRUSH112 contains the rather nice instrumental Sometime Theme

What the UK music press said - 'Against all odds I really like this, because it's so naive. Long forgotten by the ones who made them a big name, Dexys carry on making music regardless. This can be heard each week as the theme to BBC TV's 'Brush Strokes'. C&W for hipsters.' Record Mirror 15 November 1986


19. Walk Away


Label - Mercury/Phonogram catalogue no. - DEXCD14 (from this point CDs are treated as the main single release rather than 7" vinyl)

Released - 1988 UK chart position - not applicable

Known variations -

a. The CD single contains the extra tracks Even When I Hold You, The Way You Look Tonight and Because Of You.

b. The standard 12" release DEXYS1412 replaced Because Of You with Walk Away (instrumental). The sleeve features the lyrics to Walk Away on the rear.

c. A special edition of the 12" had a gatefold sleeve which housed the standard 12" with a biography of Kevin Rowland featuring new photos. The front cover has a different picture to the standard 12".

d. A promo 12" was issued without a picture sleeve, catalogue no. - DEXYSDJ1412.

e. A German 7" promo, Walk Away/Even When I Hold You, has an insert with details of credits and a short blurb about Kev.

What the UK music press said -


20. Tonight


Label - Mercury/Phonogram Catalogue no. - ROWCD1

Released - 1988 UK chart position - not applicable

Known variations -
a. The CD single contains the extra tracks Celtic Soul Brothers, Come On Eileen and Kevin Rowland's Band.

b. The standard 12" vinyl release, ROW1122, contained Tonight ( 12" dance mix), Tonight (New York dub mix), Come On Eileen and Kevin Rowland's Band.

c. A limited edition dance remix 12" entitled 'Kevin Rowland/Tonight The Forest & Heller Mixes' was also released. The catalogue no. was ROW112. Track listing was Tonight (midnight mix), Tonight (3am mix) and Kevin Rowland's Band.

d. The 7" single has the catalogue no. - ROW 1 and Kevin Rowland's Band as the b-side.

e. A German 7" promo has an insert featuring details of credits and a reprint of the single review from NME.

What the UK music press said - 'I like this a lot. Despite NME's recent savaging of Rowland's The Wanderer LP and Rowland bashing in general, this sounds like a man in mighty fine form. Very classy pop with a cunning lyric. Deceptively simple and quite wonderful. It made me want to go out and shop-lift Rowland's entire back-catalogue. I don't want to read another word against him, but doubtless will. Like poor Johnny Thunders, Rowland is a much punctured music press dartboard.' - NME (Single Of The Week)


21. Young Man


Label - Mercury/Phonogram Catalogue no. - ROWCD2

Released - 1988 UK chart position - not applicable

Known variations -
a. The CD single contains the tracks Young Man, A One Way Ticket To Palookaville, Show Me and Jackie Wilson Said.

b. The 12" vinyl release contained the tracks Young Man, A One Way Ticket To Palookaville and Jackie Wilson Said.

What the UK music press said -


22. Come On Eileen - Jackie Wilson Said


Label - Old Gold Catalogue no. - OG 9900 Released - 1989

Notes - This re-release is part of the Old Gold series.

Known variations -


22. Come On Eileen - Because Of You


Label - Mercury/Phonogram Catalogue no. - MER 347

Released - 1991 UK chart position - not applicable.

Come On Eileen was re-released to publicise the Best Of... CD released around the same time.

Known variations -

What the UK music press said -


23. Geno - There There My Dear - Dance Stance


Label - Old Gold Records Catalogue no. - OG6176

Released 1992

Known variations - none


24. Concrete And Clay


Label - Creation Catalogue no. - CRESCD 322

Released - 1999 UK chart position - not applicable

Known variations -
a. Creation issued a 3 track CD promo of the single which is the same as the main issue CD except for the catalogue no - CRESCD 322P and that it was a promo not for resale etc.

b. The single version of Concrete And Clay is substantially shorter than the one included on My Beauty as it only features one instrumental break.

What the UK music press said - "If only Elastica could compete on headfuck terms with Kevin Rowland. The last Dexys Midnight Runners album, back in 1985, opened with Rowland singing, "Compromise is the devil talking - and he spoke to me", then proceeded to be one of the most uncompromising - and greatest - records ever made. Now after years of chronic drug abuse, penury and profound mental instability, his extraordinary single mindedness and purity of vision remain. But focused on this? On the cover of 'Concrete And Clay', the already-infamous shot of Kevin in velvet dress, hitched up to show his pants. On the song, a cheesy '60s love song (by one-hit wonders Unit Four Plus Two) crooned over an orchestral backing, which one suspects may be too anodyne even for trendy old Radio 2. Sentiment over Rowland's past glories, over the staggering fearlessness of this late, troubled reinvention, make it hard to be objective here, especially when he starts whooping, "You are everything to me", with the old passion and fury right at the fade. But... alright: not very good. Sorry." - NME 28 August 1999.


25. Manhood


Label - EMI Catalogue No. - PRODEXYS 2003

Released - Oct 2003

Tracks - 1. Manhood 2. Manhood (radio edit)

Notes - This single was a promo only release and came in a plain cardboard sleeve as above. The tracks actually appear in the reverse order from the listing with the radio edit first!

Known variations -

1. A full release for this single was prepared to include an extra track 'Reminisce Part Two'. It is not known, as yet, if any copies of this release were pressed.


26. My Life In England - Part One


Notes - This was a promo 'CD-R Single' only produced in the hope of generating sufficient interest from radio stations to make an official single release viable.



 27. She Got A Wiggle


CD Single

Released: 28/05/2012


Notes - A digital download only single, featuring a different mix from the album version was released on 25/02/2013 .

  28. Nowhere Is Home / I Love You (Listen To This) [Live]


Catalogue No. - 7DEXY1

Released - 21st July 2014

Limited Edition 7 inch vinyl single available to customers who booked tickets in advance for the showing of the Dexys film "Nowhere Is Home" at Vue Cinemas. The songs featured were recorded at London's Duke of York Theatre in 2013.


To be continued...

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