This page was created to redirect visitors attempting to access content previously hosted on dexys.org's sister site at multiply.com which ceased to exist in the summer of 2013. The sudden disappearance of that hosting facility meant that a lengthy process of recreating the lost pages - and creating some new ones which had always been planned as part of this site - here on dexys.org had to be undertaken. Just over a year later, that process is now almost complete and you can find a list of the recreated - and revamped - pages below.
However, it has become apparent whilst reconstructing the old pages that quite a few of them had become a little out of date since they were originally created - mostly due to the refusal of the musicians featured to hang up their instruments and stop performing! This has meant that several of the "Family Tree" pages in particular will need updating and expanding - and a page on  Geoff Blythe's most recent project, GI Blythe will clearly need to be added at some point! There are also a few ideas which have occurred while reconstructing the site which will eventually be added! Watch this space!
Sometimes the updates to this site are driven by personal choice and sometimes they are driven by external events which have a knock-on effect. The latest updates definitely fall under the latter category! Following the release of the "Nowhere Is Home"  film and album, the DVD Discography and Album Discography have both been amended accordingly - and a news item about the releases added to the Dexys News page. Subsequently the older news items from that page have now been transferred to a new "Dexys News Archive" page along with some additional historic news articles which used to be on the old M.S.N. site.
Finally, apologies to anyone who has visited this page recently in search of the promised "regular updates" of new content featured on the site. The last few months of 2014 didn't afford much spare time for attending to websites but hopefully the new year will allow for more regular additions to the site. The first of these is a new feature on the infamous Muriel Gray interview from 1985.
If there are any particular features you would like to see on the site please contact info@dexys.org - or leave a comment/suggestion

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Pages added: 
The Bureau (Family Tree Feature)
The Killjoys (Family Tree Feature)
Helen O'Hara (Family Tree Feature)
The T.K.O. Horns (Family Tree Feature)
Rarities (Truly Precious Possessions)
These Tender Virtues (Family Tree Feature)
It Could Have Been Love: Lyrics (Blue Ox Babes Feature)
 Walking On The Line: Lyrics (Blue Ox Babes Feature)
Apples And Oranges: Lyrics (Blue Ox Babes Feature)
 Bedlam: Lyrics (Blue Ox Babes Feature)
East To West: Lyrics (Blue Ox Babes Feature)
She's So Strong: Lyrics (Blue Ox Babes Feature)
Gregory Right: Lyrics (Blue Ox Babes Feature)
There's No Deceiving You: Lyrics (Blue Ox Babes Feature)
Thought As Much: Lyrics (Blue Ox Babes Feature)
Come On Eileen: Sheet Music (Song-book Feature)
Geno: Sheet Music (Song-book Feature)
Academic Inspirations [Now updated and expanded!]
Come On Eileen [Now updated and expanded
Because Of You: Lyrics & Chords (Song-book Feature)
Soon: Lyrics & Chords (Song-book Feature)
 Dexys, Spring 1980 (Creative Writing Feature)
The Baltic, Gateshead, 4th October 2003 (Creative Writing Feature) 
Burning In The Streets Of Portsmouth (Creative Writing Feature)
 Reading - and Re-writing Wrongs (Creative Writing Feature)
Anti Rock(Creative Writing Feature)
 August 2001(Creative Writing Feature)
  One Day I'm Going To Soar: A Personal Review(Creative Writing Feature)
Liars A To E: Dexys In The Press [Now with added scans of press articles!]
Dexys On Video [Now with added video footage!]
 Secret Affair (Family Tree Feature)
 General Public (Family Tree Feature)
 Pete Williams (Family Tree Feature)
Andy Leek - Now updated with full Biography and Discography  (Family Tree Feature)
 Mick Talbot - Now expanded with extended Discography (Family Tree Feature)
 Black 47 (Family Tree Feature)
The Neighbourhood (Family Tree Feature)
Stoker (Family Tree Feature)
 Archie Brown & The Young Bucks (Family Tree Feature)
 The Upset (Family Tree Feature)
 Flag (Family Tree Feature)
Andy Leek - Forgotten People (Creative Writing Feature)
Any Other Business... (Bureau Feature)
* All of the "Family Tree" pages above have now had short audio clips added to provide a flavour of each artist's musical styles. 

Finally (for now) you may notice that a few interactive features - such as the "comments/suggestions" feedback form above - have been added to various locations around the site - feel free to make use of them! There is now also a "Message Board" function on the Home Page to allow visitors to leave their Dexys-related messages for others to read and respond to: 

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Think of this, if you will, like a museum removing its artefacts from display so that they can be lovingly restored and put back on public show! Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible but, for now, this page will be regularly updated with news of the latest additions so please call back soon.

Thank you.

John, still very much a wildhearted outsider after all these years!

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